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Organic Chemistry Resources

Lipids Study Guide

Types of lipids

lipid functions

fatty acid structure

Size:  C12 – C24

Always even number of carbon atoms
Always cis double bonds found in nature

Presence of double bonds changes shape from linear to bent

myristic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid

reactions of fatty acids

reactions of unsaturated fatty acids

unsaturated fatty acids eicosanoids

Eicosanoids are derived from Arachidonic Acid

Arachidonic Acid

thromboxane, leukotriene A4, prostaglandin E1


neutral glycerides

example of a triglyceride

fats and oils



lecithin - phosphatidylcholine

nonglycerol lipids


cholesterol, cortisone, progesterone, testosterone, difference between men and women is alcohol

complex lipids

biological membranes

mosaic strucure of membranes




Last Updated: 10/14/2014
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