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Grossmont College STK Honors Projects

Grossmont College, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Instructor: Dr. Philip Blanco

Phone: (619) 644-7312.

STK - Systems Tool Kit - is state-of-the-art software for modeling and analyzing relationships between natural objects and vehicles on and around land, sea, air, and space. It is used extensively in the defense, aerospace, and geospatial information industries. STK is maintained and sold by Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI).

While the basic STK software is free for noncommercial use, Grossmont College is a participant in AGI's Educational Alliance Program which allows students working on honors projects to obtain fully featured licenses. These would otherwise cost many thousands of dollars in the private sector. These features include the advanced Aviator and Astrogator packages for modeling aircraft motions and interplanetary spaceflight.

Since STK uses real-world physics in its computing engine, we are offering honors projects that use this powerful package to demonstrate principles covered in our physics and astronomy courses. Many aerospace agencies and companies use STK, and STK experience is a sought-after job skill. Any student using STK for an honors project can obtain free Certification from AGI, Inc., which can be displayed in their resume and LinkedIn page.

Be advised that an honors contract, once approved, may NOT be cancelled later in the semester without withdrawing from the class. This means that if for any reason you do poorly in your honors work - even if you get an A in the regular class work - you may end up with a B or even a C overall (with the corresponding grade points). In that case, "Honors" will still appear next to the course on your official transcript.

Honors applications must be submitted by the end of Week 4 of the semester. For more information, contact Dr. Blanco in the Physics/Astronomy department.

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