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Bonnie Ripley
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Biology in the News

...except maybe the sea slugs don't actually do photosynthesis...11/13

Someday you could be driving a car powered by a bacterial fuel cell! Full paper here.10/13

Fossilized pollen shedding new light on the environment of dinosaurs! See the paper in Frontiers in Plant Science here. 10/13

Which came first: teeth or bony skeletons? Find out here! 10/13

Singing mice defend territories in a rodent version of American Idol! For the paper in American Naturalist go here. 10/13

Earliest yet fossil of a fish with a face discovered! For the abstract and figure from the Nature pub go here. 9/13

Starfish have image-detecting eyes in their arm tips! 7/13

Apes and monkeys diverged 25 million years ago! 5/13

Yet another way sea slugs are cool: the detachable penis! 2/13

Oldest known arthropod fossil discovered! 2/13

Yes, sea slugs are the coolest: only known animal to do photosynthesis! 1/10

Last Updated: 06/11/2015
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