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Gary Jacobson
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Director Demos

These are some of the executable programs that I have developed using Macromedia Director 8.5 or MX 2004. The 3D models were created in 3D Studio Max and exported to Director.



This is my first try at modeling a rhombochasm using the Havok physics engine in 3D Studio Max 6. I animated the strike slip motion but all other motion is computed by Havok with 500 sub-steps per frame. No fiction or elasticity were used in the simulation. The strike slip fault curves at depth, but there is no flower structure used in this model. Click on the figure to run the animation.

Rhombochasm with flower structure
After many attempts to simulate a rhombochasm using a negative flower structure,  I thought the results were the most interesting here. In this simulation no elasticity and minimal fiction were used. Note how the collective weight of the central blocks eventually squeezes out blocks out the end. Also note how the tapering of the flower structure at depth twists the blocks slightly counterclockwise as they sink.

Strike and Dip v.3.2 My first 3D project. I use it in the Geology 111 lab.

3d NP install This is a real-time 3D National Parks viewer. Save the file to your desktop and then execute it to install the demo version of "3d NP" to your computer (Sorry, there's not a Mac version yet.) Google Earth has pretty much made this obsolete, but "3d NP" does do something Google Earth does not do - it allows you to blend geologic maps with the Landsat imagery. If you want to look at some of the other parks in 3d check out the Geology 220 page.

PetraScape v.1.00 My attempt to create a real-time 3d Geology video game using actual San Diego County locations. Minimum system requirements are 512MB RAM, Direct X 7, and 64MB video RAM. This has not been thoroughly tested yet. Use at your own risk.

Some other sites with worthy Shockwave examples.

Shockwave Showcase A nice site showing some 3D educational applications.

CanDo Interactive Some state of the art Shockwave 3D examples.

Last Updated: 09/07/2016
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