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Judd Curran
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Expert Review Questionnaire

Thank you for your participation in this research study. Your responses will aid in the development of web-based geo-spatial information services for water resource management.  The following questionnaire is a medium that you can use to convey your professional opinions about the online prototype.  Please be as detailed as possible with your responses.  When you are finished, click on the "Submit Your Review" button at the bottom of this page.

Please enter the following information about yourself:

  Your job title:  
  The name of the Company or Organization that you work for:

  Today's Date:
(example: 08  29  2001)

Please rank the following data access topics in regards to their relevance within your professional position: 

Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important Not Applicable
1.  Ability to view real-time hydrologic data on the web. 
2.  Ability to download real-time data in tabular format.
3.  Ability to view metadata on the web.
4.  Ability to search and query data online.
5.  Ability to access data in map form as well as tabular form.

6.  How well can the implementation of online data warehousing, Internet mapping, and web-based GIS modular tools support water resource



7.  How well do you think the Internet can be a viable tool for geo-spatial data analysis and exchange?


8.  What aspects of online data warehousing are you NOT satisfied with?


9.  What aspects of the prototype, with respect to Internet mapping, online analytical tools, user interface, appropriate data contents, etc, do you



10.  Do you think that the web-based analytical tools incorporated into this prototype have potential value to your organization and will they be
     cost-efficient tools for monitoring real-time hydrologic conditions?



11.  To what degree, if any, is there potential for the Internet and this prototype to become a surrogate for the transfer of large volumes of data
     to end-users over traditional approaches?



12.  How well do you like this prototype with incorporated tools over traditional GIS software running on a desktop?


13.  Have you ever used any web-based GIS products?  If so, how does the functionality of those products compare with the functionality of this



Please rate the following list of prototype attributes in regards to their performance and importance.

Attributes Performance Importance
Major Strength Minor Strength Neutral Minor Weakness Major Weakness  High Medium Low
14.  Zoom In/Out Tool
15.  Station Point Hyperlink
16.  Information Tool
17.  Hydrologic Unit Layer
18.  County Layer
19.  Major Roads Layer
20.  Rivers Layer
21.  Cities Layer
22.  Coverage Attributes
23.  Scale of Map
24.  Ability to Interact
25.  Query Tool
26.  Speed of Website
27.  Accessibility of Website
28.  Accessibility of Data
Major Strength Minor Strength Neutral Minor Weakness Major Weakness High Medium Low
29.  Enhanced Usefulness for W.R. Management
30.  Ease of Use  



Last Updated: 12/31/2014
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