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Lester Bangs Archive
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Debora Curry
English Dept - Administrative Assistant
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 10am and 2pm to 4pm - email Debora for link for her Zoom Office hours


About This Site

2010 Walk of Fame pamphlet cover


Spearheaded by English instructors Raul Sandelin, Sydney Brown, and Karl Sherlock, the Archive website originated as a companion project to the Grossmont College Foundation's May 2010 induction of Bangs into our Walk of Fame. 

Site Overview: 

The Lester Bangs Archive is divided into several virtual wings:


bibliographies and compendia of the writings by Lester Bangs and about Lester Bangs. Includes

About Bangs:

bibliography of works about Lester Bangs and related topics, divided into headings: books and dissertations; selected reviews; articles and essays; selected blogs; related and recommended reading; related and recommended viewing;

By Bangs:

a bibliography of writing with Lester Bangs authorship, including nonfiction and foreign language editions, collaborations, primary and secondary sources, album notes, letters, literary writing and reviews;


an illustrated catalog of official and unofficial music releases, including solo works, collaborations, compilations, covers, and production attributions;


a compendium of known lyrics to official releases, demos, unpublished works and/or unproduced works with attributions to Lester Bangs, including co-writing credits and covers adapted by Bangs;  


citations and external links to media clips, audio and video, featuring or discussing Lester Bangs;


a chronology of events pertinent to Lester Bangs's life;


illustrated index of works, projects, bands, attributions, dedications, and lyrics mentioning or otherwise honoring Lester Bangs;

Who's Who:

a roster of artists and musicians with whom Bangs performed or recorded music.


offerings of special interest to Bangs researchers and enthusiasts, including facsimiles of early letters, ephemera, and exclusive transcriptions of sleeve notes. Includes

Ephemera and Art: 

assorted ephemera, including posters, flyers, art work, and other unclassifiable materials;

Lester To a Tee: 

an annotated examination of the tee-shirts Lester Bangs wore.


Lester Bangs early letters, donated exclusively for this archive (coming soon); 

Picture Gallery: 

a collection of selected images of Lester Bangs;

Sleeve Notes:

Transcriptions of selected album and program sleeve notes; linked references to album note transcriptions on-line;


a showcase for locally-made documentaries about Lester Bangs and his milieu, including A Box Full of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs.       


The GC Lester Bangs Archive was initially launched in 2010 with support from the following:

  • Ernest Ewin and the Foundation for Grossmont & Cuyamaca Colleges
  • Sunita V. Cooke, Ph.D., former Grossmont College President, and the Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District 
  • Janet Castanos, Ph.D., former Dean of English and Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Oralee Holder, Chair of the Grossmont College English Department
  • Sydney Brown, Stephanie Mood, Julie Cardenas, Ryan Griffith, and Karl Sherlock of the Grossmont College Creative Writing Program
  • San Diego Troubadour Music Journal
  • The World Arts and Cultures Committee of Grossmont College

Additional thanks to the following individuals and their on-line sources consulted in the research for this archive:

  • Jim DeRogatis
  • The Farmers (Jerry Raney)
  • Jon Kanis
  • Private Domain Band (Jack Butler)
  • Gary Rachac, on Facebook
  • Road Ahead Productions (Ed Turner)
  • Shambles
  • Andy Shernoff
  • Ugly Things Magazine
  • The Uncool (Cameron Crowe Official Website)
Last Updated: 05/01/2019


Debora Curry
English Dept - Administrative Assistant
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am to 10am and 2pm to 4pm - email Debora for link for her Zoom Office hours

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  • Cuyamaca
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