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Media Communications
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Internship FAQ

Who is eligible to take the internship courses?
Students who are enrolled as declared Media Communications (MCOM) majors at Grossmont College and have COMPLETED the appropriate Pre-requisite course:  

  • For TV, film and other visual media internships, MCOM-117: Video Studio Operations.
  • For radio, recording and other audio internships, MCOM-116: Audio Production.
  • For journalism and news internships, MCOM-112: Introduction to Reporting and News Writing.
Students do NOT need to complete all three courses in order to enroll; however, the more experience in these areas you have, the more value you bring to potential internship providers.

If I am not an MCOM major but have secured an internship opportunity, may I participate in the department's internship program?
Yes, but you will most likely need to be cleared to do so. To obtain Pre-Requisite Clearance, click here and follow the instructions.

I am a MCOM or TELECOM major at another college or university and have completed courses similar to those that Grossmont requires. May I participate in  the department's internship program?
We strongly recommend that you work through your college or university's internship program. However, you may be cleared to participate and enroll (see previous question).

Do I need to sign up for more than one course?
No. You only need to enroll in one of the following MCOM-151, MCOM-153 or MCOM-155: Electronic Media Internship.

Can I take the internship class more than once?
Yes, you may enroll up to three times, but each must be in a different section. For example if you completed MCOM-153, you can only enroll in MCOM-151 or MCOM-155.

What is the difference between MCOM-151, MCOM-153 and MCOM-155?
The difference is the number of units and the field hours that you will be required to complete during the semester. MCOM-151 is a one-unit internship that requires 60 hours of on-site field work. MCOM-153 is a two-unit internship that requires 120 hours of on-site field work, while MCOM-155 is a three-unit internship that requires 180 hours. If you are paid as an intern, the semester-hourly requirements increase by 25 percent.

When is the last day I can add the internship class?
We realize internships take time to secure. We recommend that you add the class prior to or at the start of the semester. However, the instructor may add students to the internship sections up to the second week of the semester. No one may add after the fourth week.

Do I have to find my own internship?
Generally speaking, yes. Many faculty members, including the internship coordinator, may have suggestions, but it is up to you to find where you want to work and to be accepted as an intern. Securing internship positions in these fields is as competitive as finding other forms of employment; students are strongly urged to begin their search long before the start of the semester.

Last Updated: 02/22/2019
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