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Associated Students of Grossmont College & Student Trustee (GCCCD Governing Board Member)


Vacant Seats for 2020-21
  1. Chair of Student Legislation
  2. Senator 1
  3. Senator 2
  4. Senator 3
  5. Senator 4 
  6. Senator 5 
If interested for any of the positions listed above please fill out this form and email it to 


2020 - 2021 ASGC Board Members & Student Trustee
Kaelin Michael Mastronardi -President 
Hello, I’m Kaelin Mastronardi and I’m running to be your ASGC President. Student representation and financial responsibility have always been my main concerns. Currently, I serve on five different institutional committees, from College Council to the Budget Committee. And, I alone brought the student voice to a new committee which previously lacked student representation. Lastly, as your current VP of Finance, no one has a stronger more comprehensive view of ASGC’s present financial situation than me. With all this said, the current state of the economy, and present circumstances, the time for strong leadership is now. I promise exactly that. 

Enya I. Castaneda - Executive VP 
 Enya Castaneda (Running for Executive Vice President)
My participation in ASGC, as well as my experience in leadership, have prepared me to serve Grossmont Students as Vice President. I have previously held the position of Chair of Student Legislation in ASGC and have participated in multiple SSCCC Region X committees. I have two years of leadership to my name, as I was a team leader and a captain in Speech and Debate at my high school. Growth and communication are my values as I run of this position. I believe that with teamwork, leadership and commitment, together, we can improve the Grossmont experience for students. 

King Wong - Vice President of Finance
I’m qualified for VP of Finance as I’m experienced in handling financial information. As the VP of Chinese Club and Secretary of International club, I’ve actively participated in all the budgeting and fundraising activities which all had amazing turnouts. Furthermore, I was the treasurer of ICC which had provided me further experience in dealing with the financial matters of an organization. Additionally, majoring in business and economics has furthered my passion, knowledge, and familiarity in the financial world. Lastly, my experience of being a senator in ASGC has taught me how to communicate and cooperate with students, clubs, and faculty. 

Javier Covarrubias Paez - Running for Chair of Board Affairs
I'm a First-generation college-going student. I feel I can represent many students with all of the ideas that I have that would benefit in our student environment, I'm a Puentista, and I know many resources and departments on campus that would help many students with any particular problem that they might have. Due to the global pandemic, I want to assure that when students come back physically to campus, they have the best college experience that they can and my life expertise and work experience would allow me to advocate for that to come true. I worked at Chiplote as a cashier, and I know what it's like to work a part-time job while going to school. I currently work as a student development hourly, and the experience I have gained this semester has allowed me to understand the student government role, in Grossmont college.

Diego Osuna - Running for Chair of Publicity 
I would like to be Publicity Chair Member because I'm a very creative person. I love to create and express myself through visual creations. I already have experience with publicity and creating flyers for ASGC and Grossmont College as a whole. I would enjoy collaborating with Grossmont College departments and student clubs and provide my insight in marketing and publicity to increase the creative visual rhetoric at Grossmont College  

Benjamin Blevins - Grossmont College Student Trustee
I seek election as Student Trustee so that I can serve as the microphone for students across Grossmont College. Previously I have served as the Director of Student Legislation within ASGC. Currently I sit as Vice Chair for Region X of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, a Region representing over 150,000+ students. In this role as Vice Chair, I have heard concerns from students in all walks of life, and I identify with many of those concerns shared. With my experience and dedication to student representation, I am ready to serve my fellow students at the district level. 


Elections Committee Co-Chairs: Jose Gomez Gomez & Aylin Martinez

Elections Committee Advisor: Heriberto Vasquez 

For more information please email: 


Last Updated: 07/15/2020
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