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Outcomes Assessment (SLOs)

Division/Unit SLO Liaisons

The SLO liaisons for each division along with their contact information are provided here.

Role of Department/Unit Liaisons 

Each department or unit should choose an SLO Liaison to help the department chair or unit manager with maintaining the six-year assessment plan.  The following primary responsibilities have been recommended by the Grossmont Outcomes Assessment Task Force members:

  • As needed, attend training sessions on how to use Trac Dat, and in turn, train department peers;
  • Assist the department chair with maintaining the six-year assessment plan; 
  • Keep current on best practices in outcomes assessment by attending all college-wide professional development activities related to outcomes assessment, and report back to your department on the information gained at these events.

In addition, liaisons should be ready to assist with the following timeline:

A.  The semester before scheduled assessments:

  1. Send out an email reminder to members of the department/unit informing them of upcoming SLO assessments (e.g., send out a notice in the spring about assessments scheduled in the fall).  In this email, remind all faculty about the need to include SLOs on course syllabi so that students are informed about what skills, knowledge, and abilities, they can expect to learn by the end of the course.

B.  Before the flex week department/unit meeting:

  1. Verify that assessment date(s) have been scheduled for the upcoming semester.

C.  By week 10 of the semester:

  1. Ensure that the appropriate faculty member(s) have uploaded assessment results for the previous semester's assessments into Trac Dat.
  2. Consult with the faculty members involved in the assessment to ensure that they have analyzed the results and have an improvement plan in place.  Remind these faculty members to upload the improvement plan as well as the date of the next assessment into Trac Dat.

Last Updated: 04/30/2018
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