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Two meter sticks laying parallel on a concrete paver with a roly poly between them
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Completed Projects

Spring 2019

Marking Woodlice for Recapture: Not as Easy as You Might Think

Students: Michelle Nguyen and Sultan Al-Azzawi (both transferred to UCSD) 

Research Questions: What methods can be used to mark rolie polies so that we can track where they go? How long do the marks last? Do marked animals have decreased survival?

Effect of Density on Growth and Survival in Juvenile Woodlice, Armadillidium vulgare, a Terrestrial Isopod

Students: Aysha Alani and Calvin Harris (both transferred to UCSD)

Research Questions: What is the effect of culture density on the growth and survival of juvenile roly polies? How fast do roly polies grow?

 Michelle Nguyen standing next to her poster at SCAS meetingAysha and Calvin standing next to their poster at SCAS meeting

Spring 2018 

Preliminary Study of Fertility and Juvenile Survival in Armadillidium vulgare, a Terrestrial Woodlouse

Student: Shannon Tran (transferred to UCSD)

Research Questions: How many babies do roly polies have? How many survive the first 12 weeks of life? How much do they grow per month after birth?

Prof Ripley standing with Nial-Conor Garcia and Staphanie Aguiar at the UCSD Summer Research Conference

Spring 2017

The Effect of Sex and Size on Dispersal Potential of the Common Woodlouse, Armadillidium vulgare

Students: Niall-Conor Garcia & Shawn Patterson (transferred to SDSU)

Research Questions: How fast can roly polies walk?  How long would it take them to walk all the way across campus?  Do males or females walk faster? Do larger roly polies walk faster? 


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