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ESL 96 – English as a Second Language 1

Grossmont College     
Course Syllabus  Spring, 2006

ESL 96 – English as a Second Language 1

Darlene Farnes

Telephone:                    619-644-7454 x 3699 or 858-581-3576
Email:                  or
Office:                          590L  (office hours by appointment)
Course information:       ESL 096 (5046), 5 nondegree credit hours
Hours:                          Mon, Wed, & Fri 9:30-10:55; Rm 527
                                    + 1 hour each week in EWC
Prerequisite:                  Pass ESL 80 & 81 or advisory placement
                                    Concurrent enrollment in ESL 98 Reading

Grammar in Context I, 4th edition.  by Sandra N. Elbaum (Heinle & Heinle) ($35.00)
Do not buy a used text!
(ESL 98: Class text)


  • 3.5" (pc formatted) diskette for computer work
  • 8 ½ x 11” lined loose-leaf paper, pen, pencil, highlighter
  • binder or notebook to keep papers in
  • a one-inch, three-ring binder and dividers for your writing portfolio
  • dividers for portfolio


Course Description 

Welcome to ESL 96!  This is the first core course in the study of English grammar, reading, and writing for ESL students.  The course includes the study of basic grammar and sentence structure, paragraph format and organization, and some reading skills.  You must spend one hour each week in the English Writing Center (EWC) on word processing and/or doing exercises on software to develop grammar, reading, and writing skills introduced in class.  This course is Credit or No Credit only.


Course Objectives & Methods of Instruction

You will learn to correctly use present, continuous, past, and future tenses in positive and negative statements and questions.  You will also continue to work with modals, articles, and parts of speech introduced in ESL 80/81.


  • As assigned.  ESL 96 is linked with ESL 98.  You will write about some of the topics from your reading class.
  • You may also visit The English Reading Center, room 546


  • You will develop skills using simple sentence patterns in writing paragraphs that are organized with a topic sentence and supporting ideas. You will also study spelling, punctuation and capitalization.
  • Use correct format for written work using simple sentences and simple paragraphs.
  • You will write at least 4 in-class, graded compositions, + a midterm, and a final composition.
  • You must spend one additional hour per week practicing your English skills in the EWC (English Writing Center) in Room 70-119 in the LTRC (Computer Room 70-122) in the Learning & Technology Resource Center, director Joyce Phillips. It is in the Tech Mall.   If you miss a week, you can make up that week by the following week.  Give me your weekly EWC Participation Report Form every Friday.  Hours:       

M-Th:   9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
F:         9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

*Work on the computer FOG Basic Software (Focus on Grammar)

*You may ask for a tutor to help with your writing, especially. punctuation & grammar (20 min sessions), Independent Study Room, 70-119

*You may work on grammar, writing, or spelling skills.(FOG, Skills Bank 4, or Grammar 3D)

*You may also use the English Reading Annex (Room 545/546)

  • Learn basics of word processing and sending an email on the computer (in EWC)
  • Weekly paragraph writing, after each unit.  I will give a topic and grammar structure to write about.  I will correct it and give it 5 points if it is on time and ok.  You correct it & copy it and give it to me again for 5 more points (total = 10).  You may need to copy it more times until it is completely correct.  You can get help in the EWC.  DO YOUR OWN WORK.  Label as follows:

Full Name
Writing #1
Rough Draft (or Copy #_)


  • There will be a quiz after each lesson in the grammar text, possibly other quizzes, and a grammar midterm
  • There will be a comprehensive, common final:  in-class writing and grammar section


Student Responsibilities

  • Turn off cell phones, beepers, and pagers BEFORE you come to class. If it rings, it is minus 10 points off your participation grade.  Do NOT take calls during class or you will be marked tardy or absent + minus 20 points.
  • Sharpen pencils before class.
  • No food or drinks in the classroom. (or minus 10 points)
  • Do not leave (for bathroom, smoking, eating, answering cell phones) during class.
  • Put writing homework assignments in my “IN” Folder BEFORE CLASS BEGINS and pick up homework assignments from my “OUT” folder BEFORE or AFTER class.
  • Give me all work when assigned or you will lose 10%
  • Keep ALL papers& assignments until the end of the semester.  You will choose the best for your portfolio.  Also, you may use them to check your grades.
  • Come to class on time and participate actively in class.
  • Be polite.  Listen to the other students.  Sit by someone from a different country.
  • Be responsible for all class work, homework assignments, and announcements made in class.
  • Spend at least 10-15 hours every week doing homework for this class.
  • Get two students’ phone numbers, so you can call them for missed work and announcements.
  • If absent on a test or quiz day, you may make it up in the Assessment Center IF you tell me about the absence BEFORE the class.  You must make up the test within a week or you will get a “0”.
  • Schedule appointments (doctors, driving, etc.) before or after class time.
  • Never cheat.  Do your own work on tests and assignments or you may get a “0”, you may fail the test/assignment, be dropped from the class or receive an “F”/ No Credit for the semester.
  • Attend the Final Exam (see schedule).



Students with disabilities who may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to notify the instructor and contact disabled student services & programs (DSP&S) early in the semester so that reasonable accommodations may be implemented as soon as possible.  Students may contact DSP&S in person in room 110 or by phone at (619) 644-7112 or (619) 644-7199 (TTY for Deaf).


In order to learn well, you must attend each class, stay for the entire class session, and spend several hours each week on out-of-class preparation. If you can’t attend a class, please

         (1) notify me by email or phone
         (2) call a friend and get the information you missed from another student 
         (3) do the assigned homework on time

Friend  ________________   Phone # _____________ email ­____________________

Friend  ________________   Phone # _____________ email ­____________________



I take attendance at the beginning of class. If you enter after that, you are tardy.  Three tardies equals one absence.  Taking cell phone calls or leaving class early is marked as a tardy or absence and affects the participation (homework) grade.



Homework                                                                                     25%
(Active participation, no tardies, grammar homework in text, grammar practice writing assignments, grammar homework, EWC visits, no cell phones in class)

Tests            (quizzes, graded writing assignments, Midterm)          40%

Portfolio                                                                                        10%
             (for final you’ll need Master Grade # 25420)                25%

                          90 -100 = A, pass            ESL 96 grades are non-credit
                          80 - 89 = B, pass             70 – 100 = pass
                          70 - 79 = C, pass             below 69 = no pass
                          60 - 69 = D, no pass        (repeat the class)
                        below 59 = F, fail

Get Final Grades
At the end of the semester, you can access your final grades:

  • by phone (call Grossmont or me)
  • Internet (p. 10 of the class schedule)
  • give me a self-addressed, stamped postcard (available in bookstore) & I’ll mail it to you
  • email me & I will give you the breakdown of your points + your grade
  • (Possibly on Micrograde)


Helpful Information:   (619) 644-

Virginia Berger  x7563
    ESL Coordinator, Rm70-217 in LTRC

Assessment (Testing) Center x7200
    Rm 70-202 

   (hrs: M-Th: 9-7; F: 9-3)

EWC (Joyce Phillips) x7516
   Tech  Mall 
   Rm 70-119 – Independent Studies Rm
   Rm 70-122 – Computer Room

Health Service    x7192

Disabled Student Service     
      x7112 or x7119
      Room 110

Mental Counseling Center       x7205

Crisis Hotline    1-800-479-3339

Campus Nurse (Cathy Metts)  x7191

Campus Police                       x7654
     Lot 5 (Lost & Found)  

Internet Information 

Campus Information



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