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POSC 160 Politics in Film, Braunwarth

Test One Review

The test will consist of short answer questions.  You will have the opportunity to select from four of five options.  The following list is intended to provide a guide for studying.  Questions on the exam will require critical and analytical thought as well as the integration of information from the course beyond the basic memorization of these terms.   Please bring either a large “blue book” or blank sheets of paper on which you can write your responses.



One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Office Space

V for Vendetta

Good Night and Good Luck

Birth of a Nation

Long Walk Home

Mississippi Burning

Do the Right Thing


Thoreau’s “On Civil Disobedience”

Braunwarth’s “Participatory Democracy”

Susan B. Anthony


Martin Luther King’s “Letters from the Birmingham City Jail”



Chapters 1 - 9



The power of popular films to reinforce/create cultural values

The Theme of Power v. Freedom and how this theme is represented in the films we have seen and the Thoreau reading

Central Conflict and political themes in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

How power imposes its will on individuals and the role of the individuals in the imposition of this power as presented in Cuckoo’s Nest, Office Space, Fight Club, V for Vendetta, Good Night and Good Luck, and Thoreau’s “On Civil Disobedience”

Parenti’s argument regarding “political entertainment” and how such entertainment often “flips history on its head”

The cultural values that Parenti argues are reinforced by “political entertainment”

The degree to which major studio films require a protagonist or hero to portray social movements or hero-against-the-system storylines

The definition of civil liberties


Civil Liberties during times of war including the War on Terror

Civil Liberties in V for Vendetta

Civil Rights

History of Civil Rights in the U.S.

Civil Rights and Susan B. Anthony, ERA, Martin Luther King, Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing

The use of the dialectic in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing

The stereotyped perspectives on race relations in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing

The depiction of race in films as discussed in class and in the Parenti reading


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