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Todd Myers
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Political Economy Week – Spring 2013

Monday, April 22

9:30 – 10:45 Room 577 The Case for Single Payer National Healthcare with Will Cummings

11:00 – 12:15 Room 575 Managing Foreign Relations on the Korean Peninsula with Todd Myers

11:00-12:15 Room 551 A Capitalism, Under The Microscope; Seminar and Discussion with Scott McGann

11:00-12:15 Room 577 The Depiction of Women in Advertising with Joe Braunwarth

12:30-1:45 Room 577 Red? Blue? Purple? Why You Should Vote for a Minor Party with Brian Jennings

12:30-1:45 Room 524 The Ascent of Women with Joe Braunwarth

2:00-3:15 Room 575 For Better or For Worse: The Same Sex Marriage Debate with the Cuyamaca College and Grossmont College LGBTSSU Clubs and Brian Jennings

4:30-5:45 Room 555B Lessons From Comparative Politics: Problems with American Democracy and How We Can Fix Them with Brian Jennings

5:30-6:50 Griffin Gate Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined with Todd Myers

7:00 - 8:30 Griffin Gate What Does It Mean to Be a Libertarian? with Todd Myers


Tuesday, April 23

9:30-10:45 Griffin Gate The Economics of Sex with Brian Rodriguez

11:00-12:15 Room 575 The Health Care Puzzle: Can Economics Help? with Shahrokh Shahrokhi

11:00-12:15 Room 577 The Coming Civil War: Why the U.S. Is So Divided and What We Can Do About It with Brian Jennings

11:00-12:15 Room 573 What Has the Recession Done to the Millennials with Joe Braunwarth

12:30-1:45 Griffin Gate Health Care Debate with Gregg Robinson and Scott McGann

12:30-1:45 Room 577 Only We Can Fix Our Government: A Happy Lecture! with Brian Jennings

2:00 – 3:15 Room 577 The Politics of Marijuana with Lori Carrillo

2:00 -3:15 Griffin Gate Lincoln as Commander Chief with Joseph G. Radzikowski

Wednesday, April 24

9:30-10:45 Room 577 Behavioral Economics: Are People Really the Rational, Farseeing Calculators that Traditional Economics Assumes? with Will Cummings

11:00-12:15 Room 575 Should the United States Have a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy? with Todd Myers

11:00-12:15 Room 551A Seeds of a Great Recession: Analysis of the U.S. Housing Bubble with Scott McGann

11:00-12:15 Room 577 The Myth of Individualism with Joe Braunwarth

12:30-1:45 Room 551B Economics of Happiness with Shahrokh Shahrokhi and Todd Myers

12:30-1:45 Room 524 Drones Gone Wild: Pilotless Aircraft in War and at Home with Brian Jennings

12:30-1:45 Room 577 Political Lessons from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring with Joe Braunwarth


Thursday, April 25

9:30-10:45 Room 376 Lessons from History: The Great Depression vs. The Great Recession with Scott McGann

12:30-1:45 Room 575 Conservative/Liberal Debate with Scott McGann and Will Cummings

2:00 – 3:15 Room 577 Germany’s Central Bank and the Eurozone with Todd Myers

5:30-6:45 Room 576 Market Fundamentalism and Financial Instability with Shahrokh Shahrokhi


Friday, April 26

11:00-12:15 Room 576 Efficiency and Income Inequality with Shahrokh Shahrokhi

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