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Todd Myers
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Herbert Marcuse

The web of domination has become the web of Reason itself, and this society is fatally entangled in it. - Herbert Marcuse

Vaclav Havel

Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not. - Vaclav Havel

International Finance and Human Freedom Workshop

Steve Forbes' Money

Eswar Prasad's The Dollar Trap

Dani Rodrik on Economic Integration

Todd Myers on Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany

Politics and Political Analysis - POSC 120 - Belle

Introducing the Ancient Debate The Real Executive Media, Politics, and Government
Why Government? The Legislative International Politics

Governing Society

The Bureaucracy Political Culture

Government's Role in the Economy Courts and Law  
Structures and Institutions The Democratic Ideal  

International Relations - POSC 130 - D'Anieri

Introduction: Problems and Questions in International Politics Bureaucracy, Groups, and Individuals in Foreign Policy Process The Globalization of Trade and Finance
The Historical Evolution of International Politics International Organizations and Transnational Actors The Problem of Global Inequality

Theories of International Relations Realism and Liberalism

International Insecurity and the Causes of War and Peace International Law, Norms, and Human Rights

Theories of International Relations: Economic Structuralism, Constructivism, and Feminism The Use of Force The Global Environment and International Politics
The State, Society, and Foreign Policy Fundamentals of International Economy Conclusion: Power and Purpose in a Changing World

Introduction to United States Government - Lectures 2013

Democratic Experiment Public Opinion Congress
Constitution The Media The Presidency

Federalism P

Federalism 2
Interest Groups Bureaucracy

Civil Liberties Political Parties The Judiciary
Civil Rights Elections,  Campaigns
and Voting
Global USA

Online Macro and Micro Principles Lectures 2013

macro/micro Chapter 1 The Economic Approach macro Chapter 11 Fiscal Policy: The Keynesian View and Historical Perspective Micro Chapter 21 Costs and Supply of Goods
macro/micro Chapter 2 Some Tools of the Economist macro Chapter 12 Fiscal Policy: Incentives and Secondary Effects Micro Chapter 22 Price Taker and Competitive Process
macro/micro Chapter 3 Supply and Demand and Market Processes macro Chapter 13 Money and Banking System Micro Chapter 23 Price Searcher Markets with Low Entry Barriers
macro/micro Chapter 4 Supply and Demand: Applications and Extensions macro Chapter 14 Modern Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Micro Chapter 24 Price Searcher Markets with High Barriers to Entry
macro/micro Chapter 5 Difficult Cases for the Market and the Role of Government macro Chapter 15 Stabilization Policy, Output, and Employment Micro Chapter 25 The Supply and Demand of Productive Resources
macro/micro Chapter 6 The Economics of Collective Decision Making macro Chapter 16 Creating an Environment for Growth and Prosperity Micro Chapter 26 Earnings, Productivity and the Job Market
macro Chapter 7 Taking the Nations Pulse macro Chapter 17 Institutions, Policies and Cross Country Differences Micro Chapter 27 Investment, Capital Market, and the Wealth of Nations
macro Chapter 8 Economic Fluctuations, Unemployment and Inflation Micro Chapter 18 Gaining from International Trade Micro Chapter 28 Income Inequality and Poverty
macro Chapter 9 An Introduction to Basic Macroeconomic Markets Macro Chapter  19 International Finance and Foreign Exchange Market  
macro Chapter 10 Dynamic Change, Economic Fluctuations, and the AD-AS Model Micro Chapter 20 Consumer Demand and Elasticity  

Introduction to Microeconomic Principles - Econ 121

Economic Way of Thinking 1   Supply and Demand for Factors of Production 12
Some Tools of the Economist 2 Consumer Choice 7 Labor Market 13
Supply and Demand 3 Costs 8 Capital Market 14
Applications of Supply and Demand 4 Price Takers 9 Poverty 15
Difficult Cases for the Market 5 Price Searcher 10 International Trade 16
The Economics of Collective Decision Making 6 Price Searcher High Market Barriers 11  

Introduction to United States Government and Politics - POSC 121

Gateways chapter 1
Contours of American Democracy
Interest Groups The Presidency
The Constitution
Political Parties The Bureaucracy
Public Opinion
How Economic Crackpots Devoured American Politics
Civil Liberties Campaigns and Elections The Judiciary
Civil Rights Media Domestic Policy
Essay Exam Sample
Logical Argument
Informal Fallacies
The Congress


Foreign Policy


Introduction to International Relations - POSC 130

IR1Berry IR6Berry

IR2Berry IR8Berry
IR3Berry IR10Berry
Writing a Critical Analytical Review India Lecture  
IR4Berry IR12Berry
IR5Berry IR14Berry

Introduction to Political Theory - POSC 150 - Spring 2012

An Invitation to Political Thought - Lecture 1 - Analytical Framework Machiavelli Lecture 7  
Plato - Lecture 2 Hobbes Lecture 8  
Aristotle Lecture 3 John Locke  
Augustine Lecture 4 Rousseau  
Aquinas Lecture 5 Marx  
Calvin and Luther Lecture 6    

Introduction to Political Theory - POSC 150

Political Ideology and Philosophy Marxism Fascism
Individualistic Liberalism
The Failure of Fusionism
Estrangement and Unity National Socialism
Political Theory Test 2
Liberalism in the United States
Chuck Hagel and the Return of the Old Right
Marxism and Leninism Theopolitics
Alternate Liberalism Marxian Praxis Soviet Union Final Exam
Inequality and Equality Power and its Possessors  
Study Guide Test 1 Chinese Praxis  

Introduction to Macroeconomic Principles - Econ 120

Economic Way of Thinking Taking the Nation's Pulse Money and Banking System
Some Tools of the Economist Economic Fluctuation, Unemployment, and Inflation Modern Macroeconomics: Monetary System
Supply and Demand An Introduction to Basic Macroeconomic Markets Stabilization Policy
Applications of Supply and Demand Working with Basic Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply Economic Growth
Difficult Cases for the Market Keynes and Evolution of Macroeconomics Gaining from Trade
The Economics of Collective Decision Making Fiscal Policy International Finance and International Exchange

Politics and Political Analysis - POSC 120

Introducing the Ancient Debate Institutions Political Culture
Utopias, Theories, and Ideologies The Imperfections of Political Institutions  
Why Government? Courts and Law  
Governing Society Not Quite Right, but Still Good  
Government's Role in the Economy Media, Politics, and Government  
Structures and Institutions International Politics  

Modern Asian Culture - APS 459

Modern Asian Culture - Intro Modern Asian Culture Take Home Test 2 Bitter Revolution lecture 1
Modern Asian Culture - Take Home Test Japanese Militarism and Buddhism Chinese Nationalism
Engaged Buddhism
Brief Introduction to Buddhism
Zen at War Book Review China's  Digital Nationalism: Kung Fu Panda under Assault
Engaged Buddhism II Post War Reflections Modern Asian Culture Take Home Test 3
Zen at War I Zen and the art of Dive Bombing Bitter Revolution lecture 2
Jonathan Spence Confucius Lecture
Buddhist Ethics Essay
Satori and the moral dimension of enlightenment
Buddhism and Tezuka Biography List
Bitter Revolution lecture 3
Bitter Revolution lecture 4

State and Society in the Asia Pacific

Lecture 1

Lecture 2
Lecture 8

Lecture 9
Lecture 10
Lecture 11
Lecture 12
Lecture 13
Lecture 14
Lecture 15
Lecture 21

Lecture 22
Lecture 23
Lecture 24
Lecture 3 Lecture 16  
Lecture 4 Lecture 17  
Lecture 5 Lecture 18  
Lecture 6 Lecture 19  
Lecture 7 Lecture 20  

Political Economy Week Lectures

Rise of the Warrior Cop Non-interventionist Foreign Policy  
Buddhism and Islam Southeast Asia    
Non interventionist foreign policy    
World Bank    
Happiness and Economics    
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