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Interpreting Services

ASL-English Interpreter Handbook



GCCCD recognizes the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) as the established guideline for all ASL Interpreters, certified and pre-certified. All interpreters are expected to follow the CPC principles and tenets established by RID regardless of certification status. GCCCD also recognizes the Code of Ethics for Captionists and Transcribers, and expect these principles and tenants to be followed as well (Appendix B).

Each interpreting situation (e.g., post-secondary education, legal, medical, mental health) has a standard of confidentiality. Under the reasonable interpreter standard, professional interpreters are expected to know the general requirements and applicability of various levels of confidentiality. Exceptions to confidentiality include, for example, federal and state laws requiring mandatory reporting of abuse or threats of suicide, or responding to subpoenas (RID, 2013).

The CPC supports the following professional conduct:

  • All Assignment Related Information Must Be Kept Confidential

    An Interpreter/Captionist must keep all information confidential such as student name(s), the progress of the student(s), location, or time of class. The only exception is when sharing information with a team interpreter for a shared assignment or with the Interpreter Coordinator. The Interpreter Coordinator is responsible for scheduling, skill assessment, mediation between faculty and staff, students and interpreters; thus, is privy to confidential information for the purpose of assisting the interpreter and the consumers involved if there are problems or ethical questions (Ohlone College, 2012). This is in accordance with CPC tenant 1.1. Interpreters will have multiple classes with different DHH students. Do not discuss with DHH students or fellow interpreters about assignments (names of students, subject matter, times, etc.).

    If you see or hear any student threaten to harm himself/herself or others, as an employee of GCCCD you are required to report this information to campus police, to your supervisor, or to Accessibility Resource Center immediately!

  • The Interpreter/Captionist Must Be Impartial

    Interpreters are to interpret for both the hearing and deaf parties involved. "Avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest that might cause harm or interfere with the effectiveness of interpreting services" (RID). Interpreters / Captionists do not censor or omit information. DHH students have the right to equal access to all information, even if considered offensive. Interpreters are here to help bridge the communication and cultural gaps between the hearing and Deaf people. Interpreters should be patient and willing to gently educate any misunderstandings about deafness / Deaf culture. Be mindful not to show favoritism toward one culture over another.

  • Respect Fellow Intepreter & Pre-Certified Interpreter Colleagues

    Please be flexible, maintain civility and work cooperatively together. There will be times that pre-certified interpreters are visiting on campus observing interpreters in classes (with prior permission from everyone). Please treat them as future colleagues in the profession (RID, 2013).

  • Refrain from Sharing Personal Opinions & Attitudes

    Please do not discuss religious views with students or pass out religious materials to students. If a student asks the Interpreter / Captionist for their opinion about a religious/personal belief, please refrain from such conversations during class. Even student initiated questions regarding sexual content need to be avoided. The Interpreter / Captionist needs to use discretion and abide by industry ethical conduct and remain impartial whenever personal opinions are solicited.

Last Updated: 09/26/2018
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