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Open Computer Lab

Spring 2020 Hours*

(January 27 - June 1)

Monday-Thursday: 7:30am - 9:00pm
Friday: 7:30am - 3:00pm

*Please note that the Tech Mall and Open Computer Lab will be closed Saturdays, Sundays, and the following holidays:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 1/20
President's Day (Observed) 2/14 - 2/17
Spring Recess 3/23 - 3/28
Memorial Day 5/25
Independence Day 7/4
Labor Day 9/7
Veteran's Day 11/11
Thanksgiving Holiday 11/26 - 11/28
Winter Recess 12/24 - 1/1


We are centrally located in the Learning and Technology Resource Center, on the 1st floor of the Technology Mall.
Click here to view a campus map* (*Adobe’s PDF reader required).

Lab Information and Procedures


Our lab is here to serve our students' needs. We cannot hope to achieve that goal without knowing what those needs are! If you've visited the lab and have comments or questions, please take a minute to take our survey at: Help us grow. Make your voice heard!


To serve the college’s changing needs for student computer use.

All Grossmont College students who are registered for classes are welcome to use this Open Computer Lab during all open hours. A valid District login is required to access the computers.

Click here to find out about your login(s).

The Open Computer Lab is not intended to be reserved or used for instructional purposes, such as personal or private tutoring. Students engaged in or receiving instruction or tutoring will be referred to the Group Study rooms on the second floor of the Tech Mall.

*Note exceptions: Depending on campus and community needs, computers may be utilized for other purposes as necessary.

Currently, our lab staff are not trained nor do they assist with WebAdvisor, Blackboard, Canvas, or Financial Aid issues.

Students having problems accessing or using Canvas may call the toll-free 24/7 Canvas support line: 1-(844)-600-4953. This line is good for both Students and Faculty.

Students seeking assistance to general WebAdvisor questions should please contact Admissions and Records.

Students using WebAdvisor may also click here for an online tutorial.


It is expected that all students follow the guidelines listed below when using the lab:

Please be aware that lab computers are monitored for appropriate use. All students must follow appropriate computer usage as outlined by the District in the Computer and Network Use Procedure AP 3720.

Please click here to read this policy as you are agreeing to be bound by it.

Use of GCCCD Property, and in particular this Computer Lab, indicates awareness, understanding and an agreement to comply with all applicable policies and procedures. Failure to comply with GCCCD Policies and Procedures may result in disciplinary action in accordance with Board Policy and the Student Discipline Procedures Handbook. Students are strongly encouraged to use their lab time wisely and effectively.

If you need accommodations for any type of disability, please contact Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) at (619) 644-7112 or visit their website at
The Assistive Technology Center (ATC) is located in the Tech Mall in room 70-135, and also provides access to assistive hardware and software programs.

Please see the website for current hours of operations for the LTRC at Mall/
The Open Computer Lab's hours are found at the top of this document. A 30- and 15-minute warning will be announced prior to our closing time. Computers are shut down automatically shortly before close. Students will be reminded to come to a stopping point and save their work.

Food and drink are not permitted to be consumed in the Open Lab. Please finish your food and/or beverage before entering the OCL.

The Open Computer Lab is a quiet study environment. As such, children may at no time be left unattended or unsupervised. It is not appropriate to request that staff supervise the children of students or co-workers. Please refer to Board Policy 3840 regarding the presence of children in the lab. No child under the age of 14 may use the computers in the lab. Once again, it is important to remember that the Computer Lab is an academic environment and is not an appropriate or safe place for children. An employee may request that children or visitors leave the area should it be deemed necessary or appropriate.

The Open Lab is a quiet study facility. Anyone talking loudly will be reminded of this and be asked to take their conversations outside of the building.

Talking on cell phones in the Open Lab is not permitted. Using cell phones for texting or quiet internet usage is acceptable. Please set your cell phone to silent mode, or turn it off while in the lab. Persons talking on their cell phone will be asked to leave.

Printing costs $0.15 per page. There are 4 black and white print stations located throughout the lab. Your print job will print to the printer in closest proximity. There is also one color printer available in the Open Lab. Color prints are $0.75 per page. If you have troubles please ask a lab aid for assistance.

Bring a storage device with you in order to save your work. Please remember to save your work regularly to prevent data loss. We are not equipped to recover work that is lost because you didn't save it. Items stored on the computer are erased whenever the computer is restarted or shut down. There is no storage apart from what you bring with you.

Grossmont College requires lab users to comply with all copyright laws. Copying of computer software is strictly prohibited and the use of peer-to-peer file sharing systems is not allowed over the college’s network.

There is no time limit on computer use in the lab. However, subject to demand/volume, computers that are left logged in but unattended for more than 5 minutes will be restarted and made available to the next student. If you are taking a break, try and let a lab aid know, keep breaks under 5 minutes, and always take your personal property with you on breaks and when leaving for the day. Lab personnel are not to be held responsible for your lost or stolen items.

Lost/misplaced items will be sent to the Lost and Found at the Information Desk near the south entrance to the building. If you have lost an item, you should check with the Information Desk. Items are logged in and signed out when they are identified/picked up. Wallets, purses, or anything of a significant value will not be retained at the Information Desk. Instead, these high value items will be immediately sent to the Campus and Parking Services. Although we will do our best to retain and return items, the college cannot be held responsible for lost or misplaced items. If you discover you’ve lost or misplaced an item, you are advised to check with the Information Desk then with the Campus and Parking Services.

You may use your own personal headphones in the lab. Ask for assistance if you need equipment to be moved or adjusted for you. USB ports are provided; however do not plug your personal devices into the power strips at the work stations. The power strips in the lab are not designated for providing electricity to charge your personal device.

Computers in the Open Computer Lab are configured with a pre-determined set of software and drivers. The installation or use of personal software is disallowed.

You are welcome to use your laptop in the Open Computer Lab. However we ask that you not plug into the power strips at workstations. District policy is that we do not support or troubleshoot students' own devices.

Please do not eat food in the Tech Mall. Please do not leave plastic wrappers, tissues, or trash in your area. Refuse bins are provided near the north and south entrances of the building. Blue containers are provided for recycling of clean, dry, paper products.

Please be courteous to others; clean up your work area, push in your chair, and deposit trash in the garbage can.

Services Offered

The Open Computer Lab (OCL) is for general course work. However we also support a wide variety of computer software for many Departments on campus.

All of our computers are running the Windows 10 Professional 64-bit Operating System and offer the Microsoft Office 2019 Software Suite, as well as Internet access. Access to Canvas, the Learning Management System used by the college, is also available.

We offer computer access and general assistance for course work in the lab. Some of our lab aids have special knowledge of software applications; however, no one lab aid would have the expertise that may be required to teach you a particular software application. Our lab aids are limited to 10 minutes of help per student. If you need assistance with a particular piece of software or concept, please contact your instructor.

Again, the Computer Lab Technician(s), and our lab aids are available for quick assistance, but their role is not to replace that of an instructor, nor is it to complete assignments for students. Students are welcome to ask reasonable questions and assistance will be provided as appropriate, however we cannot guarantee familiarity with or knowledge of all of the software products available to users.

Computer-assisted and classroom-assisted instructional products are available as required by departments and instructors for specific courses. Check with your individual instructors for more details.


The Open Computer Lab offers the following equipment for student use:

  • Approx. 175 Personal Computers (we do not support Macs)
  • 4 black & white printers
  • 1 large format scanner
  • 1 color printer

We offer ADA approved access at 15 separate workstations throughout the OCL, most with computers and special chairs when available.

A variety of software packages are available for word processing, data bases, spreadsheets, computer programming, graphic design, online classes and projects, as well as desktop publishing.

Test Proctoring

Neither the Open Computer Lab nor the Tech Mall currently offers proctoring for tests/assessments for outside agencies.

Arrangements can be made, however, by contacting the Grossmont College Assessment Center. Located in Building 10, they can be reached by telephone at 619-644-7200, or visit their website at the Assessment Office for more information.

Typing Tests

Typing tests/certificates are not offered by the Open Computer Lab, but are offered and obtained through the Business Office Technology Flex Lab, located adjacent to the OCL, on the first floor of the Tech Mall, room 70-131.

Contact Candy McLaughlin at 619-644-7548 to schedule an appointment and for more information regarding typing tests and certificates.

Wireless Internet

Like much of the campus, the Open Computer Lab is a Wi-Fi Hotspot! Currently enrolled students may access and use our services from their mobile device. Please be aware that use of the Wireless Internet access is subject to appropriate computer usage guidelines as outlined by the District in the Computer and Network Use Procedure AP 3720.

Please click here to read this policy as you are agreeing to be bound by it.

To access Wireless Hotspots in the Lab and on campus you login in the same manner as you would to a campus computer. If you do not know about your login credentials, there is a link at the top of this page.

Wireless access is provided on an as-is basis. The District does not guarantee wireless functionality and we cannot troubleshoot your wireless device.

Contact Us

Dean Baldwin
Computer Lab Technician I
Office: 70-125

Nathan Schaufler
Computer Lab Technician I

Jacob Angelo
Director of Instructional Technology
Office: 70-215

Michele Martens
Administrative Assistant III/Learning Resource Center
Office: 70-179

Dr. Eric Klein
Dean, Learning and Technology Resources
Office: 70-176

Open Computer Lab Information Phone Line
Comments, questions, and concerns can be emailed to

Last Updated: 01/24/2020
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