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Pages within Video Scripts

Video Scripts

Here are the unformatted scripts of the video lectures as PDF files. Video Lecture pdf

These are the unformatted scripts of the video lectures as either .doc or .docx files.

Appalachia 1.docx





Basin and Range Tectonic Overview.docx

Big Bend1.docx

Big Bend2.docx

Canyonlands 1.docx

Canyonlands 2.docx

Carlsbad Caverns National Park.docx

Channel Islands 1.docx

Channel Islands 2.docx

Channel Islands 3.docx

Collision Overview.docx

Convergent Plate Boundary Overview.docx

Cosmic Origins

Crater Lake 1.docx

Crater Lake 2.docx

Death Valley National Park 1.docx

Death Valley National Park 2.docx

Everglades 1.docx

Everglades 2.docx

Geologic Time Introduction

Grand Canyon 1.docx

Grand Canyon 1a.docx

Grand Canyon 2.docx

Grand Canyon 2a.docx

Grand Canyon 3.docx

Grand Canyon 4.docx

Grand Tetons Google Earth.docx

Grand Tetons National Park 2.docx

Grand Tetons National Park.docx

Great Basin National Park 1.docx

Great Basin National Park 2.docx

Great Basin National Park.docx

Guadalupe National Park 1.docx

Guadalupe National Park 2.docx

Guadalupe National Park.docx

Hadean Earth

Hawaii Volcanoes 1.docx

Hawaii Volcanoes 2.docx

Hawaii Volcanoes 3.docx

Hawaii Volcanoes 4.docx

Hot Springs.docx

How to make a Google Earth kmz.docx

Isle Royale National Park 1.docx

Isle Royale National Park 2.docx

Isle Royale National Park.docx

Joshua Tree National Park 1.docx

Joshua Tree National Park 2.docx


Kenai Fjords.docx

Lake Clark.docx

Lassen Volcanic 1.docx

Lassen Volcanic 2.docx

Mount Rainier.docx

Olympic 1.docx

Olympic 2.docx

Olympic 3.docx


Pillow Lava.docx

Principles of Relative Dating pt. 2

Principles of Relative Dating pt. 1

Redwood National Park 1.docx

Redwood National Park 2.docx

Saguaro National Park.docx

Sea Level Changes.docx

Volcanic Arc Primer (no script exists for this video)

Wilson Cycle 1

Wilson Cycle 2

Wilson Cycle 3

Wilson Cycle 4.docx

Wilson Cycle 5.docx

Yosemite 1.docx

Yosemite 2.docx

Yosemite 3.docx


Last Updated: 10/22/2017
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