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Copyright and Plagiarism
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Tutorial: Other Exemptions


Statutory exemptions were written into the copyright law to help certain groups, under certain conditions, to copy or display a work. Fair use is one such exemption. And one is Section 110 of the law, which offers exemptions of certain performances and displays in an educational environment. That is, if the material was obtained lawfully, the work can be used:

  • in a nonprofit educational institution
  • in a classroom or similar place of instruction
  • if it is performance or display that is a regular part of systematic instruction
  • a performance or display directly related to the teaching content, and/or
  • for persons who are disabled or in special circumstances which otherwise prevent them from attending class.

The above is similar to the TEACH Act, which expands on that act for distance learning purposes.

There are also library exemptions (strictly for library personnel to deal with).

There may be other exemptions which apply to you. Check the U.S. Copyright Office Web site.


The Chaffee Amendment (1996), allows libraries an exemption to provide copyrighted materials in alternative formats for blind persons

NOTE: The above (both sections) may not be a complete list.

Last Updated: 12/09/2014
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