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Rochelle Weiser
Office of Professional Development - Training Assistant
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30-4:00pm
Phone: (619) 644-7364


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about Faculty Professional Development here at Grossmont College. 

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Who must participate in professional development activities?

All faculty must participate in professional development activities. Administrative and classified employees are not required to participate but may do so pending approval by supervisors and/or managers.

How many professional development hours can be accumulated in one day?

Eight hours maximum can be accumulated per day for professional development activity.

What activities fulfill professional development hours?

Faculty at Grossmont College can choose from a full schedule of activities during Professional Development Week to satisfy development hours, including a general faculty meeting, division and department meetings (department chairs and coordinators may apply up to eight hours of credit for performing necessary department and program duties during that week) and office hours (5 hours credit) for consultation with staff and/or students. Hours may also be fulfilled by:

  1. Attendance at GCCCD-scheduled Professional Development Week activities (on-campus workshops, field trips, etc.).

  2. Off-campus conference, seminar, institute, or workshop participation; and webinars or other similar web-based training. This may take place on any day of the year, provided the instructor has met his/her teaching requirements for that day. 8 hours maximum is awarded per day. You must also have approval from the Chair/Coordinator and Dean for attendance at such events. Complete the Conference Attendance Request.

  3. Special projects, including writing grants, writing a textbook. Prior approval from the Professional Development Committee, followed by approval from the Chair/Coordinator and the Dean is required. Please complete the Project Proposal Form. At the conclusion of the special project, you must submit a report documenting the results to the Chair/Coordinator and Division Dean. Click here for more information about proposing an Independent Project for Professional Development.

  4. Workshop presentation. For every one hour *in* presentation, you will receive one hour preparation credit - for each different presentation. Thus, if you offer 3 different presentations of 2 hours each, you will receive 6 hours presentation credit and 6 hours preparation time credit, for a total of 12 hours. However, if you offer 3 of the same presentations, 2 hours each, you will get 2 hours of preparation credit and 6 hours of presentation credit, for a total of 8 hours.

  5. You may get Professional Development credit for courses from 2- or 4-year accredited institutions with prior department chair and dean approval. You may receive up to 30 hours credit per year. Note: You may NOT receive both professional development credit and credit toward step and column advancement at the same time. You must choose one or the other. 

  6. You may get up to 5 hours credit per year for sitting in on another instructor's class with prior department chair and dean approval. Submit the Professional Development Faculty Contract for approval, and this evaluation form afterwards.

How many hours of Professional Development are full-time faculty required to complete?

The requirement is 40 hours in an academic year - more if you teach overload. See the requirements link for further information. 

How many hours of Professional Development are part-time faculty required to complete?

The requirement is the same number of professional development hours that the class they teach meets per week. See the requirements link for further information.

When must professional Development for part-time faculty be completed in any one term?

Adjunct faculty must submit all documents which demonstrate evidence of completion of their professional development activities no later than the last day of the twelfth (12) week of instruction each semester. Section 7.16.1 Faculty Contract

 *with* an approved Activity Plan. Hours in excess may be rolled over from Fall to Spring of an academic year. Hours may NOT be rolled over from Spring to the following Fall.
Can I attend Cuyamaca College's Professional Development Week activities?

Yes. Make sure your attendance can be verified, i.e. writing your name on the sign-in sheet at that activity.

Can I attend other colleges' professional development activities?

Yes. Obtain pre-approval by submitting a Conference Attendance Request to your department chair and division dean. You may claim credit at only ONE college for any professional development completed.

Can I request staff development hours and/or funding while on sabbatical leave?

Yes. You are still a member of the faculty while on sabbatical leave, however the activity cannot be part of your sabbatical project.

What activities do not satisfy professional development hours?

Regular instruction and office hours, department or division meetings during the semester, campus committee work, classroom preparation, AFT, and Academic Senate meetings during the semester, reviewing the literature, and like activities are considered part of one's teaching role and do not qualify for development credit.

Is there any Professional Week activity that requires mandatory attendance?

No staff development activities during Professional Development Week or the semester have mandatory attendance. According to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, in agreement with the state Chancellor's office, faculty should not be subject to attendance mandatory' activities or days unless agreed to by a shared governance process." However, you are strongly encouraged to attend division and department meetings that are held during Professional Development Week because the majority of the meeting's time is devoted to staff development topics. Unlike the 165-day academic calendar requirement for teaching faculty, counselors, librarians, and special service faculty are on 193-day calendars and have no staff development requirements. However, they are encouraged to participate in flex activities given the opportunity.

How do I submit a proposal for presenting a workshop or activity during Professional Development Week?

Faculty and staff are encouraged to give presentations during Professional Development Week or the semester. Simply submit a presentation proposal to the Professional Development Committee for approval and scheduling. Faculty who present activities will receive one hour preparation credit for every hour of a presentation, up to 6 hours. A presentation is an activity intended to disseminate knowledge or to facilitate specific skill development and/or competencies. Presenters plan and deliver their activities, make all arrangements for handouts. The professional development office will reserve and work with you regarding set-up of your presentation rooms. It will be your responsibility to collect sign-in sheets and to provide participants with time to do an online evaluation of your session. 

A call For Workshops" email from the Faculty Professional Development Committee will be sent to your Grossmont College email account in October (for Spring Flex Week) and in April (for Fall Flex Week) with instructions and deadlines for submitting a proposal. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee that your workshop will be scheduled. The FPD committee will decide if the proposal fits with the Flex Week theme and goals of the committee.

Last Updated: 10/17/2017


Rochelle Weiser
Office of Professional Development - Training Assistant
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30-4:00pm
Phone: (619) 644-7364

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