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Eileen McNair
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There will be six 100-point tests throughout the semester. Each test will consist of 40 multiple choice, fill-in, or true/false questions. The questions will be taken from the text book, lectures, and films. Each test will include material covered subsequent to the preceding test. Each test question is worth 2.5 points and you have 40 minutes to complete. I will drop the test with the lowest score. THERE WILL BE NO - I REPEAT - NO MAKE UP TESTS! I drop test with the lowest score to accommodate you in the event you miss a test. PLEASE DON'T EVEN ASK TO BE AN EXCEPTION!!! That will give you a total possible score of 500 points for the regular tests. You will also have a 100 question FINAL worth 250 points (2.5pts/question). The total possible points for the tests and final are 750 and will comprise 75% of your final grade. 

Additional work will be assigned to you in CourseMate. This is a wonderful tool that comes with your eBook. This tool provides pre-tests & post-tests, learning modules, videos, concept maps, crossword puzzles, flashcards, web links and virtual psychology labs. You will be required to complete some of these for each chapter assigned on your class schedule - they will vary depending upon the specific chapters. CourseMate allows me to keep track of each of you to see how you're doing with these assignments. Your point value is dependent upon scores or time spent on tasks. That is, if you are assigned to view videos, you are expected to watch them. You will only get the credit for watching the videos if you watch the entirety of all assigned. CourseMate shows how long each video is and the tracker shows how long you spent on each. The pre/post tests in CourseMate are scored for you and allow you to repeat the tests an unlimited number of times. You will get 10 points once your chapter scores average 90% or above for pre and post tests. (You will get 8 points for an average score between 80%-89%, 6 points for a score of 70%-79%, and 4 points for 60%-69%. Finally, you will get 7 points for viewing the Videos for each chapter we cover. Remember, you must watch each video assigned to get any credit for watching any. That is a total of 245 pts you can earn from the CourseMate assignments. Five extra pts will come from the "syllabus check list". That will give you a possible total of 750 pts for tests (one dropped), 245 from CourseMate, and 5 from the syllabus exercise totaling 750 total possible points on which you will be graded.

I will divide the semester work into six sections. Each section will precede a test. All the work for the section must be completed by the end of the test day. You will be expected to have all the CourseMate assignments for each Section complete at the end of the test day for that section. For example, Test 1 is scheduled for Feb. 10th so the assignments for Chapters 1, 2, are due at the end of the day on Feb. 10th.This same procedure will be used for all the sections.

Last Updated: 06/16/2015
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