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Eileen McNair
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PSY 120 Syllabus

Course Overview:

What will I learn in this class?

Although you will learn the facts, principles and concepts which are basic to understanding human behavior, you will not be trained to analyze your friends. jk! You will be learning the different research methods used to find answers to the questions you and others ask. You will learn the physiological aspects of behavior; how your brain influences your behavior. We will cover topics related to learning, perception, and cognitive processes. We will study development; the changes in individuals as they go through life. We will also study motivation; why we do the things we do.

Are you interested in emotions? Personality? How about abnormal behavior? What is schizophrenia? Oh, what we'll learn about this! It doesn't help much to learn about abnormal behaviors unless you also learn some theories and methods of treatment. Not to worry, we'll discuss those too.

psychiatrist with patientYou'll have to wait till you complete graduate school before you can analyze your friends.

Student Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session you are expected to demonstrate knowledge in:

  • The concepts and terms used in Introductory Psychology.
  • How information is obtained through research.
  • The different approaches to psychology
  • The many different areas of study
  • The relationship between brain and behavior

This will be determined by the scores on tests, quizzes, worksheets, and class participation.

Text Book: Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior by Coon and Mitterer, 12th ed

Test Material:
Five (5) Grade Masters 25420 and a #2 pencil for tests.
I>Clicker - available at the Bookstore (or a variety of places online.

Access to Internet: If you don't have your own computer, you have access to the school computers in the Tech Mall

Course Mandates:

There is a worksheet assignment and a quiz for each chapter we cover. The due date of the worksheets and quizzes is by the end of the day of the test to which they correspond. For example, worksheets and quizzes for chapters 1, 2, & 5 are due by 11:55 p.m. on Sept. 16th. I HIGHLY recommend that you complete these during or after we go over the chapters in class. They are designed to be used as a study guide to prepare for the tests. If you have a problem turning in the worksheets or have problems with the quizzes, I may be able to help by resetting them for you and give you the opportunity to try again. If, however, you submit these on the last day, I will not reset them! It becomes too overwhelming. Again, please don't ask to be an exception to the policy. Please follow the instructions on how to submit the worksheet assignments. The quizzes and tests are graded automatically when you submit them. If you go over time, you will not get a score, and I will have to go in and score these later. We will be using the IClicker!

Evaluation/Grading Requirements:

How will my final grade be determined?

There will be five 100-point tests throughout the semester. The tests will consist of multiple choice questions. The questions will be taken from the text book, lectures, and films. Each test will include material covered subsequent to the preceding test. Each test question is worth two (2) points. I will drop the test with the lowest score. If you miss a test, that will be the test I drop. THERE ARE NO MAKEUPS!! PLEASE DON'T EVEN ASK TO BE AN EXCEPTION. Dropping the test with the lowest score will be an alternative for those who miss a test and an advantage for those who don't. There is also a 100 question (200 point) comprehensive final. The total possible points for the tests is 600, and is 60% of your grade.

There will be a worksheet assignment and a quiz in BLACKBOARD for each chapter we cover. Look closely at the class schedule as you will notice we do not cover ALL chapters. Each worksheet has 10 essay-type questions and each is worth a maximum or 20 points. These assignments have a total possible of 300 points - 30% of your final grade. The quizzes are comprised of 10 multiple-choice questions. Each quiz question is worth .667 points - so each quiz total possible is 6.67 points which is 10% of your final grade.


We will be using the I>Clicker in this class. This is nothing more than a polling remote control devise. It turns on and off and has FIVE (5) buttons to indicate A, B, C, D, E - or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

We will have polling questions to check if you understand the lecture material. Although this is really a checking instrument for this class, I will be giving credit for percent of questions answered (and .5 extra credit points if you are correct). This also works as an attendance taker during the class.

We will have to register all the clickers so you get the credit you deserve. We will do this in class (first meeting) - late comers, you'll have to register online at
Some questions will allow for anonymous responses - but you still get credit for answering. I'll explain.


I take attendance on a regular basis. You can be dropped from this class if you miss two classes. I do understand that sometimes circumstances warrant some leniency on my part and I can be flexible, however, there are limits.

If you're not going to come to class and you don't want to be dropped, just send me an email. If I know you're just out sick, I won't usually drop you.

If I don't hear from you, however, I may assume that you dropped the class. But don't count on ME to drop you. You take the steps to go to admissions and drop.

You are responsible for all announcements made in class and any changes in the schedule. Also, please do not call or email me to discuss what was covered in class! I strongly encourage you to get the phone number of someone in class in order to get that information. And always keep up with the reading and assignments.

*If you decide to drop the course, it is your responsibility to do so through Admissions and Records. Failure to do so could result in a "F" on your report card.

AVOID STUPID Fs!!image of ass

We'll be using the I>Clicker. I’ll be explaining its use during our first meeting. It’s very easy to use and will help me with attendance as well as being a way to earn extra points. Read "Class Participation".

Course Policies:

Basic Rules of Conduct Apply


cell phone image

And please keep them put away during class.

I believe it's a good idea to state up front the basic rules of conduct for this class. First of all, you are expected to arrive on time and prepared. It is disruptive when someone walks in late, clunks down the aisle, plops down a backpack, and scuffs a desk along the floor as they plop their bodies down. Please be considerate of others.

It is also considered and absence if you leave early. I understand that sometimes there are circumstances which warrant exceptions. Please discuss it with me if this should become an issue.

We will often have open discussions on some very interesting and sometimes controversial topics. I expect everyone to be respectful of those who have opinions in contrast to yours. Part of the learning experience is to be aware of both sides of an issue. Listen, comment, and be respectful.

Finally, it is rude and distracting to talk when someone else is. I hate to even mention this, however, it has happened a time or two. Other students will sometimes make me aware that they are distracted. If it is a problem, I will pause to let you know that you are interfering with the class. If this becomes a problem, you will be asked to leave.

All that out of the way, I'm confident we will have a pleasant and interesting semester. Remember, I'm here to help you and I look forward to spending the semester with you.

Remember also, this is your education. My responsibility is to help you learn principles, concepts, and facts related to the topic of PSYCHOLOGY. Your responsibility is to let me know if you need clarification. I can't help you if you don't let me know you need it. If you don't quite understand, chances are that someone else doesn't either.

I encourage questions and comments. I believe that we all learn better by being actively involved in the class.


Cheating and plagiarism (using as one's own ideas writings, materials, or images of someone else without acknowledgement or permission) can result in any one of a variety of sanctions. Such penalties may range from an adjusted grade on the particular exam, paper, project, or assignment (all of which may lead to a failing grade in the course) to, under certain conditions, suspension or expulsion from a class, program or the college. For further clarification and information on these issues, please consult with your instructor or contact the office of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

I am sad to say, but some college students try to get through school using other people's work or through some clever maneuvering. I have a strong resentment for this kind of behavior and will not tolerate it. You will be asked to spread out during test-taking. I may even ask an individual to move a desk during the test. That doesn't necessarily mean that I think you are cheating. It may be that I think someone else is using you to cheat - or it will just make me feel more comfortable.

If you are contemplating an answer, please make sure you do not glance to the side while thinking. If it even looks like you're looking at another student's paper. I will assume you are. If I assume you are cheating, you will fail that test and probably the semester.

Avoid embarrassing yourself and always be conscientious while testing. The ceiling is a vast area, try using it for contemplation.


Students with disabilities who may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to notify me and contact Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) early in the semester so that reasonable accommodations maybe implemented as soon as possible. Students may contact DSP&S in person or in room 110 or by phone (619)644-7112 or (619)644-7119 (TTY for deaf).


ASSISTANCE: Students are referred to enroll in the following supervised tutoring courses if the service indicated will assist them in achieving or reinforcing the learning objectives of this course: IDS 198, Supervised Tutoring to receive tutoring in general computer applications in the Tech Mall; English 198W, Supervised Tutoring for assistance in the English Writing Center (Room 70-119); and/or IDS 198T, Supervised Tutoring to receive one-on-one tutoring in academic subjects in the Tutoring Center (Room 70-299, 644-7387). To add any of these courses, students may obtain Add Codes at the Information/Registration Desk in the Tech Mall. All supervised Tutoring courses are non-credit/non-fee. However, when a student registers for a supervised tutoring course, and has no other classes, the student will be charged the usual health fee.

Last Updated: 09/24/2014
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