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Applying to the Grossmont College Nursing Program

For FALL 2020 consideration,
applications will be accepted from:
For SPRING 2021 consideration,
applications will be accepted from:
February 3, 2020 
February 28, 2020



The Grossmont College Nursing Program admits a cohort of students every fall and spring semester and uses the California State Chancellor's multi-criteria screening tool for admittance. Applicants are awarded points and considered for acceptance based on this criteria. No waitlist is maintained. We do not accept applications from those who have been unsuccessful in-another nursing program. You must be in good standing with program in which you left with no indication of a failing grade in any nursing course.

Requirements needed to apply:

To be eligible to submit an application to either program, 2-year ADN or LVN to RN Transition, applicants must submit proof of the following criteria to the Nursing Office with the application:

1. High School diploma or transcript, high school equivalency or a higher degree.
(If you have completed High School from outside of the United States, your foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credential evaluating service. Please see below for additional information).

2. Completion of the following science prerequisite courses. Official transcripts reflecting a combined G.P.A. of 2.5 or better, no grade less than a "C" and a total of 13 units;

  • Anatomy and Physiology* (8 units); both must include a classroom lab

  • Microbiology* (5 units); with classroom lab

Physiology and Microbiology must be completed within 7 years; Anatomy within 10 years of applying to the program.   All courses required for the Associates Degree in Science in Nursing must be taken at a regionally accredited institution.

*Online lab courses are not acceptable for admission to the Nursing Program. Lab courses must be conducted in a classroom setting.

*Grossmont College School of Nursing will accept science courses with a lab taken on-line if students were enrolled in those courses during Spring 2020.

For Nursing majors only, the prerequisite to Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology is Biology 120. The equivalent to BIO 120 may be met with 1 year of High School biology with lab and a grade of "C" or higher. Please visit the Grossmont College Prerequisite Clearance webpage to clear this requirement. A copy of your HS transcripts are required. Additional information is needed for students that have not attended High School locally.

For those students whose G.P.A. is 2.5, but whose science courses were taken more than seven years ago, the completion of Physiology with a grade determined by the Nursing Program will satisfy the recency standard for science courses. Science recency is determined from the date of the last science course taken.

When the three courses combined G.P.A. is not 2.5 and if repeating one course could bring the science G.P.A. to 2.5, the student may repeat one science course, one time within a 5 year period. All three courses should not be repeated.  A withdraw "W" from one of the science prerequisites is considered an attempt to take the class therefore, is considered a repeat.

Please contact the Nursing Office if you have concerns on specific course recency, G.P.A. questions, repeating science prerequisites or if your transcripts show more than one repeat of any of the 3 science prerequisites.

3. Completion of any of the general education "fixed set" courses for the Nursing Major. Oofficial transcripts reflecting any of the following courses completed with a "C" or better. Points are awarded for completed courses only. Applications may be submitted without the completion of all of these courses however, no points will be awarded until completed and a grade is posted on the official transcript. It is highly suggested that all of these courses are completed when applying in order to get the maximum amount of points in this category.

  • English Composition (Eng 120 or 124)

  • Intermediate Algebra (Math 103 or higher, Math 160 recommended for transfer)

  • General Psychology (Psy 120)

  • Introductory Sociology (Soc 114 or 120)

  • Public Speaking (Comm 120 or 122)- The component of public speaking must be listed in the course description for any communications course being considered for equivalency. (dated 10/26/18)

Classes indicated in parenthesis are Grossmont-Cuyamaca College courses. Please consult the Equivalency Grid if courses were taken outside of Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District. If your college is not listed on this grid, course descriptions from the college catalog are required.

4. Completion of the required TEAS exam with a minimum score of 62%. Successfully complete and submit an official transcript from the ATI website of the TEAS exam with a minimum score of 62% . The best score from your first two attempts will be used as long as the attempts are a minimum of 30 days apart. If you scored below a 62% on your first attempt, you will need to complete the remediation requirement that is lined out on the TEAS TESTING page on this website before you take the second attempt. You must adhere to all Grossmont College Nursing Program policies when taking the TEAS and submitting a score. You may take the exam anywhere it is proctored and remediation must be adhered to. Please visit the TEAS testing page prior to taking the exam and for detailed information.

5. Documented proof of the following completed immunizations and TB testing;

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)- series of 2 vaccination or laboratory evidence of immunity (titer)
Hepatitis B- series of 3 vaccinations OR laboratory evidence of immunity (titer)

  • negative titer must include a booster or repeat of the series and re-test.
  • approximate time period of 6-7 months to complete.
  • accelerated versions of the Hep B series is subject to approval, please contact the Nursing Office prior to receiving this type of immunization.

Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)- given 2005 or later (after receiving the initial Tdap immunization, a Td booster is required 10 years after).
Varicella (Chickenpox)- series of 2 vaccinations or laboratory evidence of immunity (titer)
TB (Tuberculosis)- negative 2-step test or positive results from TB test with clear chest   
     x-ray and Questionnaire.



To apply to the Nursing Program:

Submit in person to the Nursing Office, during the designated Application Periods, a complete application packet to include:

1. Application to the Nursing Program 2-year ADN Application (pdf)

2. Proof of High School graduationGED certificate or proof of a higher degree.

  • High School foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credentialing evaluations service for US equivalency. Applicants may use the following Grossmont College approved services at A general report is all that is required for proof of High School completion outside of the United States. This official, sealed evaluation must accompany the application.

3. Official sealed transcripts of the required science prerequisites and any of the completed Nursing Major "fixed set" courses (as noted above). Include course descriptions if necessary.

  • College foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a credentialing evaluations service if any of the courses are being used for equivalency to apply to the nursing program. If a foreign degree was earned, the evaluation must state its equivalency to a U.S. degree. Applicants must obtain a detailed report and submit an official, sealed transcript evaluation from one of the Grossmont College approved services at Do not request that the evaluation be sent to the nursing program; it must be included with your application packet.

    • For those living outside of San Diego county and applying via postal mail, do not send transcripts separately from your application to the Nursing Office to be held here; they must accompany your application. The Nursing Program office will obtain transcripts of courses taken at Grossmont or Cuyamaca Colleges.

    • Do not send any transcipts to the nursing Program or to Admissions and Records.  Your transcripts must accompany your application and be brought to the program office when applying.

4. Official TEAS exam sent directly to Grossmont College from the ATI website. If more than one exam was taken, an unofficial printout of previous or subsequent exams must be included with the application.

5. Completed Immunizations documentation of all as noted above and in the application packet.

6. TB test documentation as noted above and in the application packet.

7. LVN License and LVN Transcripts (if applicable)a copy of the license and LVN college transcripts must be included.

8. Corpsman DD214 or other document indication status.

The Criteria for Admission Grid gives additional information on all requirements listed above and for acquiring any additional points listed below. Please use the check off list in the application packet to reference specific criteria needed prior to submitting your application.

Documents needed for additional points; if applicable.

1. Official transcripts of an Academic degree awarded and obtained in the United States
(Associates, Bachelors or Master's Degree).
2. A copy of an awarded Allied Health Certificate.
3. Documentation of relevant work or volunteer experience from an employer or volunteer supervisor on company letterhead. Must have a minimum 100 hours within the past 3 years of application.
4. Documented proficiency or advanced level coursework in languages other than English.
5. A copy of a DD214 form for a Veteran or military ID for active military status.
6. A copy of a card indicating refugee status.
7. A copy of a DSPS evaluation or a letter from a Physician describing the disability.
8. Documented copy of Financial Aid, Cal Works, BOGFW-B, Federal Pell Grant or EOPS eligibility.
9. Documentation from employer on company letterhead verifying dates of employment while completing prerequisites and courses for the Nursing major.
10. Statement from applicant indicating first generation of family to attend college.
11. Statement from applicant describing disadvantages in a social or educational environment.
12. Statement from applicant addressing difficult personal or family situations or circumstances.

  • The application must be completed in its entirety with all requirements and appropriate documentation submitted as a package, in person, to the Nursing Program Office.

  • No late or incomplete applications will be accepted for consideration.

  • No emailed applications will be accepted. Mailed applications will only be accepted if living out of the San Diego County area or out of state.

  • Due to the amount of applications received, we are unable to review application materials at time of submission. However, individual immunizations and tests will be reviewed with applicants to ensure all vaccination requirements are met.

IMPORTANT: Any prior conviction of a misdemeanor or felony may influence eligibility for licensure as a Registered Nurse. A flagged background check or drug screen may also prohibit entrance and/or participation in the nursing program. 
Please visit the California Board of Registered Nursing website for general information.

Students applying to the Grossmont College Nursing Program are required to have a social security number and be able to provide proof when applying to the program. This is a requirement to be licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

If you are selected for a class, the Nursing Program will notify you at the most recent email address submitted. All correspondence will be conducted through email only. It is extremely important that you maintain a valid account with the Nursing Office. If you have a Yahoo or Hotmail account, please obtain an alternate address when applying. We may not be able to contact you with updated information on with an invitation to the program. Any changes in your contact information must be submitted in writing at Verbal changes are not accepted.

  • If accepted to the Grossmont College Nursing Program;
    a. Enroll in the college by completing the online application
    b. Obtain a GCCCD student ID
    c. Send official transcripts of all previous coursework to Admissions and Records immediately upon accepting an invitation to the Nursing Program.
    d. Complete all Grossmont College admission requirements as noted in the catalog.

  • After acceptance to the Program the following requirements must be met by the date indicated in your New Student Requirement packet. This packet will be given to the student after acceptance:

    • A satisfactory physical exam report documented on the Nursing Program form obtained from the New Student Requirement Packet. (exam must be completed no later than 6 months prior to starting the program)

    • A signed Essential Functions of the Nursing Student form acknowledging the ability to perform the core skills outlined.

    • Current American Heart Association CPR card for Healthcare Providers. No other card will be accepted.

    • Evidence of malpractice insurance -information provided in the Nursing Program New Student Requirement Packet.

    • Completed ADB background check and drug screen for hospital compliance-information provided in the Nursing Program New Student Requirement Packet.

    • Proof of immunity to Hepatitis B if not already submitted.  Additional information may be found on the Immunization Information and TB testing form included in the application packet.

Note: Before initiating the challenge policy for any Nursing course. the student must first meet with the Assistant Director of Nursing and cannot be enrolled in the course that they are planning to challenge.

Licensed Vocational Nurses are eligible to apply during the application period for spring and fall entry to the 2-year ADN Program as an LVN to complete the requirements in three semesters for RN licensure. All requirements to apply to this program are the same as for the 2 year ADN Program including a current LVN license and transcripts for previous LVN coursework . Students accepted into the spring LVN to RN cohort will begin their 1st semester in Nursing 118, 119 and 130 then continue to Nursing 220, 222, 230 and 235 for the remaining 2 semesters. If the minimum numbers of qualified applications are not received , a dedicated LVN to RN Transition Program will not be offered. Applicants, if eligible, will have the opportunity to be considered for the 2-year ADN Program for the spring semester. A current license must be submitted with the application.

If you have not yet seen a counselor at Grossmont College, please make an appointment to discuss general education and major requirements specific to the Nursing Program.

The Nursing Program office is located at 8800 Grossmont College Drive, El Cajon, CA 92020 in the Health and Science Complex (Bldg 34), office #256. The hours of operation are 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Health & Science complex

Phone (619)644-7300
Fax (619)644-7904

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