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Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Can I work during the program?
    The nursing program is a rigorous program. It demands time and flexibility. The amount of hours a student can work is dependent on the individual. The amount of expertise in the area, i.e. experience in the field and academic level of the student all relate to how demanding the program is of his/her time. Typically the class time hours involve 6 hours of lecture per week and 14 hours of clinical in the hospital per week. This schedule is an APPROXIMATE. This does not count the number of hours required to study each week.The college uses hospital facilities as they are available, so having a flexible schedule is important. Often hospital assignments are not available until just before the beginning of the semester so flexibility is a key success.

  2. I am just starting out, where do I begin?
    See admission criteria grid. If you have not ever taken a college course, first enroll as a student in the college by completing out an application from the Admissions Office. It costs nothing and will allow you to select the classes you need. See admission criteria for the required prerequisite coursework. It is highly recommended that you meet with a counselor to discuss a plan for completion of your prerequisite and General Education requirements.

  3. How long will it take me?
    The 2 year ADN is 2 years of sequential Nursing courses. This means you cannot take any nursing courses part-time or out of sequence. The summer between the first and second year is typically not scheduled with nursing courses.

  4. Is there a Nursing Counselor? 
    There is not a dedicated counselor for the Nursing Program however all counselors at Grossmont College are knowledgeable about the requirements necessary for completion of the Associates Degree in Nursing. This web site can answer most questions you may have regarding the program. If you need additional assistance, the Health Professions Specialist for Nursing can answer most questions.

  5. How many hours a week of study is it? 
    The RN programs at Grossmont College involve intensive community college level coursework. A student could easily dedicate 40 hours a week to the class-time and coursework.

  6. What is the difference between an Associate degree Registered Nurse (ADN) and one with a Bachelors Degree (BSN)?
    Actually, the state license is the same. Entry level patient care is similar. The baccalaureate degreehas additional education in leadership, research and community health. The BSNnurse may have more management opportunities. There are many types of nurse specialties that require a BSN or MSN to be employed. For example, a public health nurse typically requires a bachelor's degree. Grossmont College School of Nursing strongly encourages our students to continue their nursing education and seek a BSN and MSN.

  7. I want to be a Pediatric Nurse. Can I do that with just my Associate Degree in Registered Nursing? Associate Degree Nurses can work in any setting that requires a Registered Nurse. During the program students are educated in Geriatric, Pediatric, and Psychiatric, Medical / Surgical and Intensive Care nursing. If a student feels inclined towards a specialty, the student is encouraged to seek employment in the area of interest and allow the particular health care delivery system employing them to assist in the specialization/certification, during New Graduate Programs.

  8. I have a conviction, will I be denied licensure?
    There is a possibility that a prior conviction may keep you from entering, continuing in becoming a licensed health care practitioner. If you have had a prior arrest or conviction, please visit the California Board of Registered Nursing website at http:/ It is required to then make an appointment to speak with the Dean of Allied Health & Nursing at (619)644-7149 to discuss your options.

  9. I turned in my application and I haven't heard whether I was accepted, what should I do now? 

  10. How much does the Nursing Program cost at Grossmont College?
    The approximate cost of the program is $5,800.00. This is based on the the college's current tuition fees of $46.00 per unit, health fees, parking permits, immunizations and hospital requirements. Uniforms, testing and materials for each class and books are also included in this estimate. The approximate cost is not due all at once and Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Upon acceptance to the program the individual is encourage to visit the Financial Aid office for needed assistance prior to registering for nursing classes.

Last Updated: 05/23/2017
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