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Professional Development

We're All In

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“Where faculty, staff and administrators [often] see divisions, departments, functions and job descriptions, students see people. . . . In short, students have a very broad definition of support and, in their minds, everyone on campus is—or can potentially become—part of a system that helps them reach their goals”

(Student Success [Re]Defined, RP Group).

Whether you are a faculty member, staff member, or administrator, you are part of the our students' success, someone who can help them reach their goals.
Learn more about some simple and proactive practices that can increase student engagement and retention by clicking on the Spring 2018 arrow below.

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We're All In Spring 2018

Now in it's third semester, the We're All In campaign continues to work towards assisting us as individuals in contributing to the collective success of our students. Below you will find materials that support simple and proactive campus community AND classroom engagement and retention practices that support student success:

Community Practices
  • 4 Simple and Proactive Campus Community Practices - Click Here
    • Materials in Support of Enacting Campus Community Practices
      • Student Support Services Overview - Click Here
      • Leading By Example to Create a Positive College Climate
        • Opportunities to participate in the campus community - Click Here
Classroom Practices
  • 9 Simple and Proactive Classroom Practices - Click Here
    • Materials in Support of Enacting Classroom Practices
      • Championing Learning Beyond the Classroom - Click Here
      • Setting Students on Fire - Click Here
      • Facilitating Students' Partnership in Their Learning- Click Here
      • Connecting Students to Campus Support Services and Resources - Click Here
      • Introducing Students to Campus Life - Click Here
Growing and Contributing to the Campaign
  • Ideas Worth Sharing - Click Here
  • Feedback / Survey - Click Here


Phase 2 - Fall 2017 We're All In Program Materials and Pledge Card for Faculty, Staff and Administrators
  • Program Preview - Click Here
  • Are you "All In?" Take the Pledge - Click Here
  • Other support materials
    • Championing Learning Beyond the Classroom - Click Here
    • Ideas [from Campus Colleagues] Worth Sharing - Click Here
Phase 1 - We're All In Program Materials
Last Updated: 04/23/2020


Rochelle Weiser
Office of Professional Development - Training Assistant
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Phone: (619) 644-7364

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  • Cuyamaca
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