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Take Home Exercises
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Take Home Exercise #4

Take Home Exercise (THX 4)

Total Points Possible: 10

DUE DATE:  September 18, 2014 by 5 pm

GIS Data Availability on the Internet

            The Internet has become the primary source for GIS data acquisition.  A vast array of different
data from private, governmental, and educational institutions have become easily accessible by anyone
with a personal computer, Internet access, and a standard web browser.

            Perform an Internet search for websites that provide free GIS data files via download (These files
should be in ArcGIS format, such as .shp, .lyr, .mxd, or .dbf).  Provide a list of twenty websites that provide
free GIS data.  Include the name of the website, the complete URL (website address) that links directly to the
download page (not the site homepage), and a brief description of the type of data available and the respective
region that the data are about (in that exact order).  Please compile this information in Microsoft Excel in the
format illustrated below:

THX 4 example

For your convenience, a Microsoft Excel template file has been created for your use.  Download the
file by clicking on the link below.  A box will appear asking you if you want to "Open" or "Save" the
file.  Click "Save".  Save the file to your USB storage device.  Then, open the file, delete the "SANDAG"
example and add your twenty websites to the file.  When finished, choose <File>, then <Save As...> to
rename the file in the format listed below.

Excel File Template

Name your excel file as: thx4yourlastname.xls and email to:

Last Updated: 12/31/2014
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